Making decisions

I finally figured out I could make my decision-making process simpler by fully acknowledging what I know for sure and fully feeling and listening within for the rest.

I’ve always experienced strange body aches when I wouldn’t exercise or run enough. I used to get terrible headaches when I hadn’t balanced my checkbook… my body and my feeling have always been a barometer even when I refused to listen.  As of today, I know what I know and I am feeling and listening for the rest.

I’m following a new training regimen and considering the knee pain I have been experiencing for 11 months, it would seem crazy to decide to run again, but I did.  The plan simply asked me to run 15 minutes… the woman who has completed 6 marathons contemplating if 15 minutes of running was possible.  The amazing thing is my knees feel good. The plan requires another 15 minutes today and I am going for it.

I’ve known my body, this body 49  years and change and it hasn’t failed me yet, it seemed like my knees were betraying me for the past 11 months but by simply acknowledging what I know, feeling an listening for the rest, I realize now that I’ve made a great decision.  It’s a simple process —acknowledge that you know what you know, then feel and listen for the rest.


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