I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with puzzles.  I am overwhelmed at the level of effort to solve the puzzle, but I’m ALWAYS drawn like a moth to a flame to engage, and engage, and engage.  I’m seriously looking at how this habit and pattern manifests itself throughout my life and how much time I spend solving or how much I engage in puzzles that aren’t part of my personal goals or solving my immediate challenges.

For a long time, I’ve thought that my habit was a form of procrastination, a chance to dive deep into a problem (getting all the pieces together) and ignore what’s really bothering me.  What I know now is instead of procrastinating I’m actually working on the many issues and challenges of my life with every piece.  This is my process, it is slow and now I’m ready to employ a more efficient practice.

Whenever I find myself diving deep into a jigsaw puzzle (or endless cycles of SUDOKU on my phone) when I know other pressing issues are in front of me I am going to take a run… rain or shine, good hairdo or not. At least I’ll be improving my emotional and physical health and coming up with solutions to my challenges sooner.


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