I woke up to this email in my inbox….

Dear Robin,

What if you won the lottery today—and suddenly, you had enough money to last you (comfortably) for the rest of your life?

What would you do, if you could do anything whatsoever—if money were no object? Since meaningful work is a vital part of human existence, ask yourself what type of work makes you “come alive with excitement”?

THAT work, the work that ignites your passion, is your destiny. It is what you came here to do. And you have been given very unique talents, gifts, strengths and abilities that will allow you to be spectacular at the very work you are most passionate about.

Imagine, Robin, feeling excited for Mondays to come, because you love your work so much! You can take a step towards that excitement, that passion, that destiny today.


By knowing you will be supported every single step of the way. By imagining yourself loving your work and imagining money flowing to you easily and elegantly. By asking me and your other unseen friends for help.

This is your life, Robin. Together, let’s make it the most exciting, successful and passionate life we can!

Enthusiastically yours,
Your Spirit

This is exactly how I feel—as if I won the lottery when it comes to my work. I’m still working on the feeling supported everyday and every step of the way.  I know that’s only my consideration, because every sign in my world is overwhelmingly positive.  I never imagined being a diversity magazine publisher, but it is a perfect profession for me. It merges all of my talents and skills and it allows me to contribute to society in a meaningful way.  I am blessed for sure. In 2020, I am waking up everyday remembering this truth.